Katherine P

Katherine P

Editor, Business Writer, Website Content Writer, Creative Writer

USD 35/hr

About Me

I invested 28 years with Deloitte and am a business writer extraordinaire – and a blogger. I’m now consulting to help clients like you catapult over the heads of your competition. As a communications expert and engaging storyteller, I’ve been published in national magazines including Woman’s Day and Huffington Post. I’ve also written website content for the University of Notre Dame.

Using my imagination and carefully crafted messages for 30 years, I’ve accomplished what many aspiring freelancers covet; I’ve cracked through the steel doors of global magazine editors and persuaded them to print my articles.

So what is my secret sauce? I’ve spent decades mining magical caverns of forgotten words, selected the finest and stored them like jewels in my treasure chest. When writing, I carefully retrieve and assemble them so each sentence flows to the next like a melodious sonnet. The result? I’ve amassed a sterling portfolio.

Now that I’ve achieved my lifelong goals, allow me the pleasure of helping you attain yours. Perhaps you want copy edits that maintain the author’s voice. Or maybe you need a major rewrite. I will follow your instructions and honor your deadline. I have a BA in corporate communications (magna cum laude) and I minored in global economics. I am an enthusiastic journalist who once interviewed U.S. House of Representative Ted Poe, of Texas, as well as the late astronaut Sally Ride.

I’m an avid reader of international current events and politics, as well as many of the literary classics. If you need someone with 30 years of experience to proofread, edit, or polish your work – I am your resource. One of my goals is to become fluent in French so I can assist a larger group of clients. I’m also a stock options day trader, and have an excellent grasp of the stock market and how corporate financial news can move markets.

Here’s a sample of the work I’ve completed as a writing consultant, website content writer and journalist:

* Highly-detailed UNICEF client governmental, socioeconomic reports
* Digital marketing agencies
* Blogs for health, wellness and nutrition, including video scripts on YouTube
* Non-fiction eBook edits; copyedits
* Creative writing, ghostwriting
* Inspirational
* Manuscript edits
* Academic papers, essays
* Real estate marketing content for relocation guides
* Luxury residential real estate and retail
* Web content writer and editor, including B2B
* Write SEO-rich copy
* Internal communications
* Business plan editing
* Case studies editing
* Autobiographies and personal experience articles, especially Christian themed
* Success stories
* Biblical studies
* Wealth management
* Nonprofit
* Financial and technical reports
* RFP edits
* Content writing and editor for brochures and emails
* Nutrition, health and wellness blogs (video scripts)
* Landing pages, company profiles
* Executive summary edits
* Bios
* HR policies (Diversity & Inclusion, training, community involvement strategies)
* Onboarding, manuals
* Mental health (OCD and bulimia)
* Religion and Christian themed articles

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