Looking for an expert HTML5 developer

Budget (USD) 360
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We have a prepared PSDs for a platform we are looking to build.

Looking for an expert developer who can work with JS animations and effects and can build a clean adaptive website that will work exceptionally well in all modern browsers, including mobile.

Some elements use static lists that will be later attached to the back-end infrastructure. These lists need to be programmed as JSON objects for the start.

Please submit examples of your work and availability.
Looking to work with developers from Eastern Europe, knowledge of English is required(basic understanding of tasks given and the text on the page).

Programming Languages Required: HTML5 CSS3
Project Type: One-time project
One-time Project: Develop website from scratch

Files attach:

 pdf-sample.pdf(7.8 kb)

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Freelancer Bidding
Date: October 29, 2017

Dear Sir,
My name is alexisf
I have read carefully your request and I’m totally can complete this job as you expexted. I have attached my resume for your review and I look forward to speaking with you further regarding your available position.

($)111 Less than 1 month
Date: October 29, 2017

Hi Sir,
My name is tarasd
I read with interest your postingand I’m totally can complete this job as you expexted. Thank you and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you

($)42 More than 6 months
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